SBAC and WeWork Meet & Greet with Mayoral Candidate Lori Lightfoot

903/21/2019 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM CT


Advocacy Event



515 N State St., 14th Fl.

Chicago, IL 60654


WeWork and the SBAC are excited to host Mayoral Candidate Lori Lightfoot for a Q&A session on March 21 at 12:30pm.  Come at 12:00 pm for pre-Q&A networking.


Our Q&A session with Ms. Lightfoot will last for approximately a half hour and will be moderated by SBAC Founder and President Elliot Richardson.  Immediately following, we will have a forum discussion with executive directors from local chambers of commerce on issues impacting the small business community. 


Our discussion with Ms. Lightfoot will focus on her candidacy and ideas for empowering small businesses across the City of Chicago. 


Mayoral Candidate President Preckwinkle has also been invited to address the group, and this page will be updated if she can attend as well.


Meet the Candidate

Lori Lightfoot is running for mayor of Chicago. She grew up in a low-income family and worked her way through school to become an accomplished lawyer, police reform advocate, and leader in several city departments, where she supported small businesses and improved emergency response. Lori’s experiences have prepared her to run our city with a commitment to uplifting every neighborhood, a passion for quality education, and a dedication to making sure every person can thrive—regardless of who they are, who they know, or who they love. If elected, Lori will be the first African American woman and first LGBT person to serve as mayor of Chicago.


Admission Cost

No admission cost. Space is limited, please register ahead of time to guarantee a seat at the venue. 

Light refreshments will be served.

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